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Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedics

Featured Partner RegenOrthoSport

About Stem Cell Therapy (SCT)

Stem cell therapy is a unique treatment option that promotes the repair of diseased, injured, or dysfunctional tissue. It is a regenerative treatment method that treats various disorders and conditions by employing stem cells & other natural growth factors. Stem cells have the potential to treat more than 80 neuromuscular and degenerative disorders. Stem cells, also known as ‘master cells’ of the body, can repair, restore, and regenerate cells to treat various medical conditions and diseases. Stem cells have numerous therapeutic applications due to their ability to develop into any tissue in the human body. In the current days, stem cells are used for tissue regeneration and repair.

About RegenOrthoSport

Medfone has partnered with RegenOrthoSport, a leading orthopedic stem cell clinic in India, that provides Regenexx advanced non-surgical stem cell and blood platelet protocols for orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. Our partner has clinics located in two major cities of the country Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

How is SCT beneficial for Orthopedic Patients for TKR/ THR/ Spine

Stem cells can treat degenerative disorders that occur due to the wear and tear of the cartilage, muscle, bone, or any other tissue. The unique features of stem cells are showing promising results in the field of orthopedics. The application of stem cells in the field of orthopedics has shown significant improvement in the health of patients suffering from various orthopedic problems. Stem cell therapy works wonders when there is a need to undergo total knee replacement and total hip replacement. Stem cells have the potential to decrease inflammation, terminate the progression of arthritic damage, and repair diseased or damaged joint cartilage. All of this helps to delay or avoid the need for knee replacement surgery. Stem cells have the potential to repair a damaged hip joint by enabling the growth of new cartilage on a scaffold shaped ball of the hip joint. By this, one can avoid the need for hip joint replacement surgery by employing their own cells to repair a damaged or diseased joint. Stem cell therapy for the spine helps to treat the muscles, nerves, discs, and spinal joints that affect the coordination. Stem cell therapy addresses back pain and associated problems that play a significant role in having an active lifestyle. Stem cells help to address the pain resulting from spinal deformities.

How is SCT better that surgical methods of treatment

Over the past decade, stem cells have proven to be a promising treatment option for various diseases and conditions when compared to conventional methods of treatment. Stem cells can develop into different kinds of cell types in the human body. Some of the key features of stem cells that stand as an added advantage when compared to other surgical methods are as follows:

  • Minimally invasive - All most all the surgical methods need an incision and often involve hours of treatment procedures. Whereas, stem cell therapy is a needle-based procedure that can be done without an incision on the body.
  • No hospitalization - In most cases, one needs to stay in the hospital for a few days post-surgery. This is usually done to observe the subtle changes in physiological parameters. Whereas, stem cell therapies are the same-day procedures that do not require any hospitalization.
  • Less recovery period - The recovery process post stem cell therapy is much faster when compared to post-surgery. Surgical intervention involves a prolonged recovery period, unlike stem cell therapy, which requires minimal to no downtime for recovery.
  • No side effects - Surgery results in certain side effects and risk of complications that in turn require medical intervention. The process of wound healing is slow and the chances of infection are high post-surgery. The use of autologous stem cells in stem cell therapy does not result in any side effects nor the risk of complications.

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